Tulsa BCM

Tulsa isn't a college town, it's a college city.


Weekly Events

Southeast Campus

  • Thursday Night Worship: Every Thursday @ 7:00pm in the Chat Room (below the Campus Store). More info below!

  • Small Groups:

    • Guys Group: 5:30pm on Thursdays in the Chat Room

    • Girls Group: 5pm on Thursdays in the Think Tank (Library).

Northeast Campus

  • Free Lunch: Every Tuesday at 12:00pm in the Seminar Center (by the Library)

  • Small Groups:

    • Co-ed Group: 11:00am on Mondays upstairs in the cafeteria.

West Campus

  • Free Lunch: Every Wednesday at 11:30am in the Student Union

  • Small Groups:

    • Co-ed Group: 11:00am on Thursdays upstairs in the cafeteria.

Metro Campus

  • Small Groups:

    • Co-ed group: Time and date to be announced.


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